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By: Kathy Landis and Kate Holsopple

Some may be asking, “What is this building for?” or even “Why another building?” As the saying goes “A picture paints 1000 words”, so we offer this picture of the garage at the end of last summer. At the end of each summer, we pack things up… into the spaces that we have. The garage being the biggest open space, is rearranged for all the large items. In addition, throughout the summer season, camping gear and maintenance equipment share the same space. This works OK until a canoeing group needs to get gear when the maintenance staff is using power tools. As camp activity increases, so does the tightness of multi-used spaces such as the garage. Thus, the dovetail building.

Dovetail is a type of construction that is used to join corners. Most of us only see it in dresser drawers or small items. The Finnish of Northern Minnesota used it for making buildings. They created dovetail homes, garages, saunas, barns and other outbuilding. See the photo for the detail on the building. (To add to the historical context of the building, Finnish people immigrated to the area in the late 1880. The buildings are made well as they have lasted over 100 years. They came to mine iron ore, but homesteaded in flat areas like Embarrass and Palo as they were easier to farm).

Last summer, one such garage was for sale. It had been taken down and moved from Embarrass, Minnesota and was ready for a new home. This summer, it was reconstructed at Wilderness Wind. As is often the case, many hands and contributions have made this building possible. Thank you!



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