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(Note: see our updated website for more information about the upcoming 2011 programmed retreats at Wilderness Wind: including a Birding Retreat, Fishing Retreat, Creator’s Retreat, and a Work and Play Fest. Something for everyone!)


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Writer’s Retreat 2010:

In June last summer a group of eight aspiring writers gathered together by the shores of little Lake Armstrong, on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, for an intentional time apart. Facilitated by authors Julia Kasdorf and Jeff Gundy, the retreat offered participants breathing space and quiet: to explore, to listen, to share, to eat, to tease, and above all, to do the thing they loved most – to create with words.

Here is a glimpse of their time together:

Near Ely

The first morning on the lake
Near Ely,
The rain has stopped and left
The surface to rest.
Passing with nameless hope
The last wisp of fog skates
Voiceless away.
No embellishment.
Offering what is.
This morning, this day,
This water.

-Poem by participant Ron Sears


Stacie VanEvery reflected:

“An outdoor dinner in good company, washing dishes in a simple metal basin,
sharing stories with new friends. The writer’s retreat weekend at Wilderness
Wind was an opportunity to escape from the demands of everyday life, if just
for a few days.

The creative group of writers encouraged me to think outside of the box. I
am not a poet. I have never claimed to be a poet. Yet I found myself
surrounded by a group of people whose words were fluid, engaging and thought
provoking. I experienced new ways of approaching creativity which helped me
with my own writing.

The solitude I found at Wilderness Wind was just what I needed to recharge.
The location was beautiful – wildlife, fresh air, and a rustic little home
away from home called Wehonnay.”

Going Micro

Lichen and bugs,
Pine cones smaller than your thumb.
Cracks in the rock,
Needles everywhere.
Looking down, lying low,
Face to the earth
Is another way to know
And believe.

– Ron Sears, at the Sigurd Olson cabin
Ely, Minnesota


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The summer of 2010 at Wilderness Wind has a lot to offer! There are programmed lakeside retreats and programmed canoe trips planned for this summer. These retreats and trips are open to everyone. Follow the links below to make your reservation or to find out more.

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LAKESIDE RETREATS (for more information)

Writers Retreats: Stirring the Waters with Jeff Gundy and Julia Spicher Kasdorf                                                                        June 24-27, 2010

A quilter’s, scrapbooker’s, and creator’s retreat
September 23-26, 2010

CANOE TRIP RETREATS (for more information)

Primitive Living Skills: Living with the Land with Cheryl Mast                                                                                                                    July 10-17, 2010

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Trip with Steve Martin and Jeff Birky                                                                                     June 12-19, 2010

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