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Posted by Mary Ruth Kamp


From Sigurd Olson in his book titled, Reflections from the North Country.

“Snatches of high insight, glimpses of beauty, stirrings of passion, excitement, or enthusiasm, communion with God may come when we are in harmony with the whole, at any time – in the eyes of a loved one, or the touch of a hand. One does not have to climb a Robinson Peak; it can be felt when looking at a blossom, smelling fresh rain, leaves, and needles, or sensing gladness in a child. The important thing is to be aware – never a day without some event that springs of the spirit (p. 132).”

May the following images from this year at Wilderness Wind, return each one of us to moments of communion, moments of beauty, moments of clarity and pure awareness that we have experienced in our lives (whether in the wilderness of Earth or the wilderness within). And may the memories and stories seep gratitude into the deepest cracks within each one of us! Amen.


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